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Created by SimpleSolve to help insurance carriers and MGAs manage their books of business, SimpleInsure is a comprehensive enterprise software solution boasting a vast range of in-depth features to help make your job easier and more straightforward. Among the many essential benefits of SimpleInsure, its thorough claims module affords agents total control over the claims process, from ensuring coverage to managing documents and beyond.

Organization Made Easy

SimpleInsure’s claims module makes keeping track of each and every claim a breeze from the get-go. Once a claim is placed against a policy, SimpleInsure allows you to record that claim, including such details as any associated parties. Then, the integrated User Diary and Activity Log allow agents to carefully keep an eye on which tasks must be accomplished – and when – concerning each individual claim, while offering the opportunity to record specific notes pertaining to each case’s activity.

Additional features of SimpleInsure’s claims module include:

  • Real-time coverage verification on loss date
  • Multilevel reserving, payment processing and printing of claim checks
  • Claim-related document management, generation and archiving
  • Attachment of notes, images and other relevant multimedia to each claim

And if SimpleInsure doesn’t quite meet your exact standards, we’re ready and willing to customize the software to cater to your company’s particular needs.

SimpleSolve: A Comprehensive Enterprise Solution

The depths of SimpleInsure’s benefits go well beyond claims management. This fully integrated software solution is designed to streamline the processes of rating, quoting policy issuance, billing and much more – we even offer a mobile edition of SimpleInsure to help your company keep pace with the rising importance of mobile technology. Learn more about all that SimpleSolve has to offer, including SimpleInsure, by getting in touch online or by phone at +609-452-2323 (Pennington, NJ).

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Latest News

  • September 2016 the SimpleSolve Team of Sam Serrapede, Joy Nastasi and Tara Antony attended the NAMIC Annual Convention in Vancouver, BC. They were featured in the NAMIC New Marketplace Solutions Tour. Our newest products, the SimpleInsure Mobile version, Business Analytics Tool and SOW Tracker received interest from many senior executives in the mutual insurance industry.

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