Customer Service

Customer Service Reps can quickly and easily access policy, claims, accounting and agency folders through a central point, the SimpleInsure Navigator. The SimpleInsure interface is user friendly and highly intuitive. CSRs learn to use the features quickly.

  • Organizational tools like Task List and Simplex Editor assist with creating to-do lists and the recording of conversations.
  • Access between your office application and web portal applications is achieved through one click enabling the service rep to view the data which the agent or client sees.
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Latest News

  • September 2016 the SimpleSolve Team of Sam Serrapede, Joy Nastasi and Tara Antony attended the NAMIC Annual Convention in Vancouver, BC. They were featured in the NAMIC New Marketplace Solutions Tour. Our newest products, the SimpleInsure Mobile version, Business Analytics Tool and SOW Tracker received interest from many senior executives in the mutual insurance industry.