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Communication with policyholders is one of the fundamental aspects of insurance policy administration. Offering your policyholders easy access to the information they desire not only helps them understand the ins and outs of their policy, but fosters trust in your company. SimpleInsure, a fully integrated software solution by SimpleSolve, boasts a Policyholder Portal that gets this job done.

Easy Access To Essential Information

SimpleInsure’s Policyholder Portal blends reliable security with effortless accessibility, making for a convenient one-stop shop where policyholders can view a variety of information, including coverage limits and more. They’ll also be able to submit their payments, print documents related to their policy and communicate with their agent via the integrated Diary Inbox and Diary Outbox features. However they elect to use the portal, careful screen organization ensures that the website is clear and easy to use.

SimpleInsure Mobile

In keeping with the growing importance of technology in everyday life, your company can also take advantage of the mobile version of SimpleInsure. Many of the features afforded by this unique offering overlap with those provided through our Policyholder Portal – policyholders may view policy records, download forms and process payments on the go without a hassle.

SimpleInsure: Your Go-To Book Of Business Assistant

Handling your book of business can be a complex process, but SimpleSolve’s SimpleInsure Enterprise Solution can help ensure that things go smoothly. This software is crafted to thoroughly address a variety of tasks, including:

  • Rating
  • Quoting
  • Policy Issuance
  • Billing
  • Claims Management
  • Reporting
  • Customer Service

And to better address your needs, we’ll happily customize your suite of features to ensure that it suits your company’s specific demands. Discover how SimpleInsure can help your company by contacting SimpleSolve today.

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Latest News

  • September 2016 the SimpleSolve Team of Sam Serrapede, Joy Nastasi and Tara Antony attended the NAMIC Annual Convention in Vancouver, BC. They were featured in the NAMIC New Marketplace Solutions Tour. Our newest products, the SimpleInsure Mobile version, Business Analytics Tool and SOW Tracker received interest from many senior executives in the mutual insurance industry.

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